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Are You An Inventor?

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You don't have to spend large amounts of money to develop your ideas, get a patent, or have a prototype to show investors.


Imagine getting low cost coaching on patents and protecting your ideas from experts with 26 years experience.  The difference is you do the legwork instead of paying someone else.

Imagine if you could have a 3D virtual prototype to view and scrutinize quickly and at a low cost before spending money making parts that may or may not work like you want?

Imagine if you could have an actual working prototype quickly and at a reasonable cost that not only looks like a production unit but also is designed, documented, and ready for production launch.

If you can imagine these things, contact us today and let's imagine this together.

What a Great Idea with Bob Circosta

In July, Jim filmed the What a Great Idea show with Bob Circosta.

If you have not seen this yet, watch it now.

Did you see us on Denver Channel TV - watch it now.
Gary Atencio interviews founder Jim Wilkinson about keeping your product development SIMPLE.
Engineering, Manufacturing, Prototypes - select the EMP button on the left

Veritek provides a full spectrum of product and process engineering, manufacturing in USA, and building working prototypes for the appropriate level of your need and product development stage.

3D Printing

Veritek provides design, selection, and post rpoduction polishing and machining services to ensure your best fit of 3D printing technology and total satisfaction with your experience. Learn about 3D printing and how we may serve you.

Clean, Green, Coal select the Clean coal button on left.

Find out more about our advanced nano-technology for cleaning pre-combustion coal and other applications of the Veritek Process.

If you like the graphic, see

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American Inventor's Protection Act of 1999
We are not an invention submission or evaluation company. Veritek, LLC is an engineering company engaged in the primary business of design and build prototypes and provide the assistance to launch production. If you wish to hire us to evaluate your invention, we are glad to provide the information to you for you to propoerly evaluate your invention on your own. Please also look at the section on this website talking about if you have an idea, what so you do? There is free information in that section. Also, there is a free Non-Disclosure form for you to download and use. If you want to talk to us about your invention, we will require having a signed copy of this Non-Disclosure form and that you have proper documentation of your invention. Thank you

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